Why PP Woven Bags?

Several reasons to chose PP woven Bags over traditional packaging material.

Why PP Woven Bags?

Introduction to Polypropylene Woven Bags

Polypropylene woven bags are the better option as compare to the less effective and conventional alternatives of the packaging materials i.e. paper packaging, PVC containers of Polyethylene. Modern technologies and research in the industry of PP woven bags has enabled it in packaging, storing and transporting various commodities from construction material and chemicals to human and animal consumable items.

Following are the reasons of the popularity and suitability of the usage of polypropylene woven bags and advantages of over other traditional packaging.

Why Polypropylene Woven Bags

When it comes to plastic packaging there are number of benefits for choosing PP woven bags over other plastic packaging materials for instance;


The suitability of the polypropylene overtakes all other form of plastic packaging. Due to its unique weaving design where strips of plastic are woven in two direction (warp and weft) makes pp woven bag stronger and last longer. There is almost no elongation even when filled with heavy but calculated loads that is why there is extremely low chance of tearing or breakage of the bag, that is in contrast with the polyethylene or paper bags.

Added Values

When it comes for versatility, PP woven bags can be printed in high quality six color printing with a thin coating layer over it, that is called lamination. The printing may include branding, product description, content of the packaging and other product or brand related information that makes the bag as a marketing instrument and self-promotion tool for the company.

Polypropylene is green

When it comes to eco-friendliness, polypropylene has an edge over other plastics. Various studies prove that the PP woven bags are remarkably better than the other traditional plastic packaging for its biodegradability. In most cases the used bags may either be reused or 100% recycled to produce the woven bags again or some other plastic products. In the worst case of discarding, the pp woven bag breaks down quickly with significantly less harm to the environment.


Polypropylene stand first in the race for its stability and performance. In most cases the melting point of the PP woven bags is above 160OC that means it can survive in tougher conditions than the other plastics in the dynasty. Characteristics of the polypropylene woven bag for not losing its shape and resistance to the temperature makes it more suitable for transportation and storing different commodities including cement, grains, seeds, chemicals, rice, sugar, animal feed, flours and various other items. A coating of lamination provides an additional layer of stability and strength while not just enhancing the visual effect but also makes the bag nonbreathable to protect the stored content from moisture and other environmental effects.

Resistant to Insects

Polypropylene woven bags are resistant to insects due to the chemical and physical structure even when filled with food items, grains or seeds and help preventing the loss and reduce vulnerability of the materials stored.

Resistant to Environmental Effects

Due to the nature of the polypropylene, permeability in polypropylene is less when it compares to other kinds of plastic. It clearly means that the less permeability is for better controlling the moisture and its effect to the products stored in pp woven bags. Furthermore, in most cases, it prevents the stored items from odors to pass through the bags when different items stored in enclosed place.

Stress, Electrical and Chemical Resistance

The woven composition of pp bag makes it more resistant to the physical stress making it significantly durable comparing other packaging material. Due to elongation resistance it holds more weight without tearing or braking when lifted. Toughness of PP woven bags retains without losing its flexibility.

PP woven bags are proven to be resistant from chemicals including acids and alkalis. They also have a high resistance to the electricity even when heated on a very high temperature.


Polypropylene woven bags are best choice for the packing and storing different products. PP woven bags survive the extreme storage conditions. The strength of the bags is due to its weaving with horizontal and vertical strips makes it durable and tough. PP bags are resistant to pests and insects, stress, electrical and chemical effects from inside out.

When laminated and printed with high quality, it gives added value to the product with enhanced look and feel and a protective layer keep the stored material less environmentally affected making the bag nonbreathable and waterproof.

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