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  • What is Polypropylene?
  • What is polypropylene woven bag?
  • Why woven polypropylene bags are suitable for packing and storing?
  • What are the Name variations of polypropylene woven bags?
  • What are the Properties of woven polypropylene bags?
  • What are the applications of polypropylene woven bags?
  • Is woven polypropylene a green material?
  • Is it possible to print on woven PP Bags?
What is Polypropylene?

Polypropylene is also known as its short name PP, is a kind of thermoplastic resin material produced by the polymerization of propylene. The virgin polypropylene resin usually comes in granules packed in nonbreathable bags. The material is used in a wide verity of applications. The properties of Polypropylene are quite like Polyethylene with slightly greater hardness and heat resistance.

What is polypropylene woven bag?

Woven bags are made by tapes or yarn made of polypropylene woven into two directions called warp and weft that form a long continuous tubular fabric then cut and bottom closing by different methods for various industries.

In the woven bag industry, a plastic film is produced through the extrusion process of polypropylene granular raw material then turned in to strips of required width from 1.5mm to 6mm through slitting and wound on to the reels called bobbins. Then those bobbins are loaded on the tubular fabric manufacturing looms for weaving.

Once the weaving process is completed and formed a continuous fabric of several thousand meters then it is sent to the next step for necessary finishing that may include printing, lamination or liner insert then cutting those long rolls into smaller required size and bottom closure as per the requirements. Once it is finalized, the bags are ready to be used for filling. Those empty bags then bailed into a pile and stored or dispatched to the customers accordingly.

Polypropylene bags are lightweight yet strong and heavy-duty material due to weaving into two directions which make this suitable for packing and storing different commodities.

Why woven polypropylene bags are suitable for packing and storing?

Polypropylene woven bags are non-toxic.

It is 100% food safe for storing human and animal consumable goods.

The PP bags are reusable in most cases or otherwise instructed on the bags used for various harmful chemicals packaging.

Lightweight and durable with the lowest density.

PP bags may be breathable or nonbreathable and waterproof bags coated with a film to be used in various industries.

Additional additives can make PP pages shelf life longer and UV resistant to be used in direct sunlight for several months.

The melting point of the PP woven bag is above 160OC which increases its suitability to be used in different application even hard conditions.

PP woven bags are excellent for stress resistance and don’t break even with heavy loads.

What are the Name variations of polypropylene woven bags?

Polypropylene woven bags are also known as polypropylene woven sacks and are equally appropriate in describing a packing material used in a wide range of industries.

In industrial or operational language, the bags are also called PP Bags, Woven Bags, Woven PP Bags, WPP bags, PPW bags, Woven Poly Bags. Those all are quite proper for understanding.

In the consumer industry the bags are known to be, Flour Bags, Rice Bags, Charcoal Bags, Sugar Bags, Animal Feed Bags, Seed Bags, Chemical Bags, Cement Bags, Salt Bags, Sand Bags, etc.

What are the Properties of woven polypropylene bags?

Polypropylene woven bags are designed to pack and ship larger quantities of dry products. PP bags are cost-effective comparing to various other packing methods with more reliability and strength. Woven bags are common to be used in various industries including flours, seeds, grains, cement, salt, sugar, chemicals, and other granular or powdered materials. The sandbag made of polypropylene woven materials are also used for flood control.

There are different physical properties including height, width, color, mesh, denier, and tape width those need to be assessed depending upon the required capacity and strength.

The following characteristics make polypropylene woven bags distinguish for other packaging solutions;

PP Bags are flexible and strong

It is lightweight

It may be treated to prevent slipping or skidding

The bag may be produced as UV resistant to be used in direct sunlight for several months.

PP woven bags are 100% recyclable

In most cases, PP Woven bags are resistant to alkali and acid

Corrosion cannot affect the bags

By nature, it doesn’t attract the moisture from the environment but to further prevent it from water and moisture a lamination layer can be applied to make it unbreathable

The PP woven bags are available in a verity of sizes and strength with low elongation and dimensionally stable

Bags made from woven PP are lightweight and wear & tear-resistant, and resistant to electrostatic charge

Woven PP bags are low at cost as compare to other packaging material the gsm between 40-120 for different usages

What are the applications of polypropylene woven bags?
  1. Packaging of agricultural products

Polypropylene woven bags are widely used in packaging, storing and transporting agricultural products which include, animal feed, seeds, grains, vegetables, fruits, and related products.

  1. Packaging of food items

PP woven bags usage is on rise for the packaging of the food items that includes flours, rice, sugar and other related items

  1. Construction Industry

Woven bags made of polypropylene are trending on increase for the usage of packaging the materials in the construction industry that includes the packaging, storing and transportation of Cement, Sand, and other construction chemicals.

  1. Chemical Industry

Laminated and inner liner bags are widely being used in the powder or granular based chemical. Liner or Lamination makes the bags unbreathable and protects the material stored inside from direct light, oxidation, moisture, water, and other environmental effects.

  1. Water or Flood Control

PP Woven sandbags are being used worldwide for the construction of dams, rivers, railways, and roadsides for the prevention of water flow. The woven sandbags is also used to reduce the impact of the floodwaters.

  1. Special woven bags

Those bags are used for serving the special purpose, for instance UV bags have extended age allows the bags to stay unaffected under the direct sunlight for several months.

  1. Other usage

Woven bags are being used, to some extent by almost everyone in the routine life either they are office workers, cargo companies, supermarkets, hand-carry reusable bags, cargo and courier, stores warehouses and homes.

Is woven polypropylene a green material?

Yes, Polypropylene woven bags are eco-friendly. Most importantly, it can be reused. The other characteristic of the PP woven bag which makes it greener is that it is 100% recyclable and to be reproduced as a pp woven bag again or may some other plastic product.

Is it possible to print on woven PP Bags?

Yes, PP Woven bags may be printed directly on the woven fabric with a noticeable compromised quality due to uneven fabric. A high-quality six-color printing may be achieved on the BOPP laminated surface to print images or landscapes. High-quality computer-generated graphics and artwork with great perfection can be printed on the full coverage area of the bag.

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