Al Naqeeb Plastic Factory is accredited with quality and food safety certifications including ISO9001:2015 ISO:22000:2018 and HACCP
Quality and Food Safety Certifications

Al Naqeeb is Accredited

Accreditation is the acknowledgment that a company, institute, industry or a firm maintains standards for their products or services throughout the lifecycle from the point of contact till the delivery. Accrediting agencies set the directives of the best practice implemented in the specific business sector to enhance the quality and delivery of services.

Al Naqeeb Plastic Factory has implemented those best-practice standards in all phases including procurement of the materials, product development, quality checks, packaging and storing of the finished goods and delivery of the goods and services.

With ISO9001 quality system implementation, Al Naqeeb Plastic Factory collects regular feedback from its customers and take all necessary corrective measures as a routine effort of the continuous improvement program.

ISO22000 and HACCP Food safety procedures and checklists ensure the hygiene of the personals and the products manufactured by Al Naqeeb Plastic Factory. Labour and the staff are well trained in maintaining sanitization by all means. Raw materials and finished goods are stored under recommended conditions and temperatures. Moreover, regular training sessions are conducted to keep the standards up to the mark.

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